[Videos of] Topic wise UPSC Syllabus + Orientation lectures

This article covers:

    1. Topic wise videos of UPSC Sociology by UGC

    2. Orientation lectures by different coaching institutes

Lectures covering UPSC Sociology syllabus


Important UGC videos

Talcott Parsons

G H Mead 1

G H Mead 2

Kinship 1

Kinship 2

Kinship 3

Village Studies




Robert K. Merton 1

Robert K. Merton 2

Stratification 1

Stratification 2

Emile Durkheim 1

Emile Durkheim 2

Indian Society

Technology education and social change

Orientation lectures

These videos help in selecting an optional in case of a dilemma. They, also, help provide a holistic picture of the syllabus, strategy to be adopted and the linkages among different topics in syllabus.

Vikas Ranjan [Triumph IAS]
Surendra Kr Singh(1)
Smriti Shah [Vision IAS]
Pravin Kishore [Nice IAS]
Surendra Kr Singh(2)

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