Sociology strategy before Prelims result| UPSC Sociology

The time between UPSC Prelims and declaration of Prelims results is among the most crucial phases for a a UPSC aspirant.

Those who will appear for interview will get into serious preparation a week (at most)
after Prelims. It is extremely to keep your mood, emotions, fears and anxieties aside, and start a FULL THROTTLE preparation right now. Every mains candidate would be serious after UPSC Prelims results. But, the one who makes a smart use of this crucial phase would stand out.

Here is the strategy you can consider adopting for Sociology.

Complete the ENTIRE conceptual part of both Paper 1 and Paper 2

Sociology Paper 1:

1. Sociology as Science
2. Research Methods
3. Sociological Thinkers
4. Theories of social stratification
5. Sociological theories of power
6. Sociological theories of religion
7. Sociological theories of social change

Must read for UPSC Sociology

Imp. for Thinkers

Sociology Paper 2

1. Perspectives on the study of Indian society
2. Modernization of Indian tradition
3. Idea of Indian village and village studies
4. Perspectives on the study of caste system

Solve previous years’ questions of each topic mentioned earlier.

Apply the concepts to incidents around you.

For e.g. Latent and manifest function of Delhi metro.

Latent function : It brings people from all social backgrounds together. Acts as a platform for REFERENCE GROUP theory.

You should be in a position to apply the concepts whenever asked. It is like solving numerical in Physics after going through theories. Thus, conceptual background
that forms the backbone of sociology would be secured. Please remember, UPSC expects rawness in our answers. If the style and content of our answers reflects rote learning or mere representation of facts without any analysis, it may backfire. So, it is important to develop a self-understanding of the concepts. We should be able to imbibe withing ourselves what they actually mean. It is key to score good marks in application-based questions.

If you are done with these, you can focus on GS-like topics of paper 2 :

1. Challenges of social transformation
2. Population dynamics
3. Politics in Society

There is increased focus on these sections. A little home work on giving Sociological touch to these topics can yield great marks.

I will share more articles on the little I know about strategies, book list and answer writing techniques in upcoming articles.

You can put your queries in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Sociology strategy before Prelims result| UPSC Sociology

Add yours

  1. 1. Sir, can you elaborate a little bit about – ‘Rawness in the answers’. Because I happened to score about 125 in P1 in previous attempt. In that attempt, I wasn’t even prepared properly. But in this attempt, I ended up getting only 84 with solid prep – note making, memorizing of notes from Ritzer etc.

    2. Also would you recommend having different approaches for P1 and P2. Because I certainly feel that different approaches are required.

    So I am very confused. Kindly guide.


    1. Siddharth, the answer is hidden in your question. In every subsequent attempt we should try and go back to the mindset we had in our first attempt.
      What are those traits?
      1. Not very technical start of answers
      2. No deliberate insertion of thinkers, case study
      3. Maintain natural flow of our answers
      4. Not over practising answer writing
      Just go through your answers of first attempt – they would be the best guide.

      Approach: Go for combined study of Paper 1 and Paper 2. We have written an article on that. In Paper 2, focus on incorporating current events around you. They want to check if you can apply sociology to events around you. Not whether you can reproduce what you have been taught in classes, or what you have read in books. They are necessary but not sufficient conditions.

      Hope I am able to make some sense!


      1. Thank you so much sir. Thus far, this is the most actionable advice I have received on the queries that have been impeding my progress.

        To summarize:
        In P1 – Rawness, Non-bookish outlook
        In P2 – To not trivialize, sufficiently technical and incorporation of current social changes


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