Blogs of UPSC Sociology toppers

Why one should read toppers’ blog?

  • You cannot wait long enough to learn from your own mistakes; better learn from others’ mistakes and save time & energy.
  • There are some mysterious areas in UPSC Sociology – which source to refer to for some Paper 2 topics, how to write THE correct answer etc. These blogs help demystify such areas.
  • Many candidate make a cross domain shift from non-arts background. This makes support and guidance in initial phases extremely important.
  • UPSC preparation is a long journey, full of ups and downs. Success stories give the required motivation. There are phases when you may feel lonely, you may regret your decision to jump into UPSC preparation, you may compare yourself with your peers making lakhs per month. These stories would charge you up in these difficult times.

Points to be taken care of before reading topper’s blog

  • Do not develop an inferiority complex after reading their blog – every individual is unique and special
  • Do not change your own strategy upside down after reading toppers’ blog – make modifications to it. You never know the ecosystem they were preparing in.
  • Do not get over confident if you feel your strategy is similar to that of a topper – you are yet to get selected
  • Toppers may look at their past from the lens of their success. This may, inadvertently, impact the way they express their journey. Keep that in mind while reading their blogs.
  • Avoid getting overloaded by information/strategies. Excess of anything is bad!

2017 UPSC Sociology toppers

Anu Kumari [Rank 2, 2017, 318 Marks]

Akshat Kaushal [Rank 55, 2017, 309 Marks]

Hemant Bhorkhade [Rank 424, 2017, 324 Marks]

Sudhir Kumar [Rank 42, 2017, 295 Marks]

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2016 UPSC Sociology toppers

Ila Tripathy [Rank 51, 2016, 301 Marks]

Ishan Pratap Singh [Rank 29, 2016]

Tanai Sultania [Rank 63, 2016, 293 Marks]

Garima Lekhwani [Rank – 136, 2016, 324 Marks]

Rajanvir Singh Kapur

Narendra Kumar Shah

Atul Kulkarni

Chandra Mohan Garg

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Garima Mittal

Rajiv Ranjan Singh

Tanvi Sundriyal

Nitin Sangwan

Abhinav Agnihotri

Neha Jain

Tusharanshu Sharma

Ashutosh Dwivedi

Neha Yadav


Tanu Priya

Kunal Kishor

Nikhil Pathak

Atul Vats

Kannan Gopinathan

Kshitij Tyagi

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