Handmade NOTES of UPSC Sociology toppers

How to use these notes?

  • These notes should NOT be the primary source of covering syllabus. Creators of these notes prepared them to suit their needs – they did not intend to make it a general source of reading. You must keep this in mind while reading these notes.
  • Having said that, these notes are still VERY IMPORTANT. They would help you reduce the effort required in gathering information for less-common topics. For instance, if you find it difficult to find out criticism of SOCIAL MOBILITY, you may refer to Page 127 of Kshitij Tyagi’s notes (link given below).
  • Similarly, if you wish to incorporate thinkers in questions related to GREEN REVOLUTION, you may refer to Page 26 of  Akshat Kaushal’s notes (link given below).
  • Write down points from these notes in your own notebook. They are best used as fillers for these topics. Judicious use of these notes can be a huge time saver.

Akshat Kaushal | IAS Rank 55, 2017 | Optional: Sociology

Paper 1 notes: Click here

Paper 2 notes: Click here

Tusharanshu Sharma | IAS Rank 75, 2014 | Optional: Sociology

Paper 1 notes: Click here

Paper 2 notes: Click here

Kshitij Tyagi | IAS Rank 148, 2011 | Optional: Sociology

Paper 1 notes: Click here

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4 thoughts on “Handmade NOTES of UPSC Sociology toppers

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  1. could u please come up with a more concrete plan like the one for paper 1. for paper 2 standard books and chapters to be referred are missing. only source is the toppers notes.
    mention of the standard books and how to refer them for paper 2 would make us more confident


  2. Hey Musmuna,
    I have started sociology optional prep just now and I m a bit confused about the resources. I just want to that whether Tusharanshu notes are alternative to Ignou material (since his notes are made out of ignou material only).Is Harlambos and Holborn along with Tusharanshu notes sufficient for sociology optional? Am i even following a right approach? Please guide me!
    Thanks in Advance


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