From Mead’s perspective : Artificial Intelligence and sociology of mind

In USA senate hearing last year, Mark Zuckerberg used the term “Artificial Intelligence” 28 times. The term “trust’ occurred 20 times, “freedom” 4 times and “democracy” 3 times. Proliferation of everyday use of Artificial intelligence in the form of chat bots, Smart home systems etc lead us to realize that AI lives as a ‘non-human intelligent actor’ in the society.

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UPSC Sociology: High impact articles by Sociologists

This post is a compilation of articles by Sociologists themselves. The articles are directly related to topics mentioned in UPSC syllabus. Smart reading of these first hand articles would help in opinion formation and analysis of questions asked in UPSC Mains, which is the trend now.

How to read these articles for maximum impact in UPSC Sociology-

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