Mains 2020: Top 100 Sociology Current Affairs

Almost every UPSC Sociology question is driven by current affairs.

We are living in an era of evidence based arguments.

  • Analysis of last two years questions:
    • UPSC Sociology 2018 – advantage current affairs: Click here
    • UPSC Sociology 2019 – high role of current affairs: Click here

For UPSC Sociology 2020, we have come up with Top 100 current affairs. Candidates appearing in Mains – please do not spend more than 2 hours on this compilation. Make sure your revision of STATIC portion is not compromised. You can add value by incorporating current affairs only if static portion is adequately secured.

You need NOT read the entire news article. Please go through these sections: Headings and subheadings | Syllabus topic mentioned above each news article | Hand drawn illustrations | Highlighted text (optional)

Top 100 compilation

Syllabus topic: Dalit movement | Untouchability

Syllabus topic: Gender | Law and social change

Syllabus topic: Welfare state | State | Democracy

Syllabus topic: Informal labour | Gig worker | Identity | Work and Economic Life | Social Organisation of work | Karl Marx | Problems of labour

Syllabus topic: Circulation of elites | Pareto and Mosca | Caste & politics | Politics and power

Syllabus topic: Democracy | Structural inequalities |Social cleavage

Syllabus topic: Reproductive health of women | Formal-Informal employment

Syllabus topic: Inequality | Gender

Syllabus topic: Religious fundamentalism | Secularism | Social Inclusion

Syllabus topic: Individualism | Socialisation | SOCIAL RECLUSE

Click here to view the entire compilation

(Depending on your network speed the content might take a while to load)

Click here to download low quality PDF. You might need to zoom it to 200% for better quality.

Wishing you optimum confidence level and unwavering focus
till you write the last word of UPSC Mains 2020!


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