[Quiz] Check your grasp over UPSC Sociology syllabus

There is no doubt that we should ideally memorize every word of UPSC Sociology syllabus. Advantages? There are many!

Why mastery over UPSC Sociology is important?

  • helps in filtering out what NOT to read when we are going through a particular topic
  • useful in answer writing: In questions like “Sociological analysis of Domestic violence act,” we can mention the impact on different sections of society, social institutions, conflict & functional aspects only if we have a hold over syllabus
  • we can inter-relate topics while writing answers. For example, “technology and social change” can be related to “contemporary trends” in family.
  • the current trend demands application of our observations in everyday life. How are we going to analyze our observations without knowing which syllabus topic to relate it to? I remember a group of aspirants discussing sociological analysis of Sunday markets while they were having tea in the market.

Must read for UPSC Sociology

We have created a quiz wherein you can check your control over the syllabus.

Click here to take the quiz

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