UPSC Interview: Sociology questions

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How to use this document?

  • Go through every question on your own.
  • Write the answers in your own words in a separate notebook.
  • Leave sufficient space for each answer to note down points in future.
  • After you are done with this, discuss the questions with your peers.
  • You may seek feedback by putting your points in the comment section below.
  • Write down points that you missed out while writing your own answers.
  • Revisit these points at regular interval to see if you can add/modify them.
  • Mentions current events, if relevant, against the questions below.
  • This is an activity in process, not a one-off exercise


    1. Why did you choose Sociology as an optional? Did you just go with the crowd?
    2. You did Engineering and took Sociology as an optional. Why? [for engineering graduates]
    3. How would you use your knowledge of Sociology in administration?
    4. Mention a couple of problems facing India currently. How can Sociologists help in amicable resolution of the problem?
    5. Who is your favourite Sociologist? What do you like about his work?
    6. How would you explain ‘Sociology’ to a layman?
    7. Can you quote some DISTINCT social problems of your district? How do you plan to solve them?
    8. Any unintended consequence of studying Sociology as an optional?
    9. Which Sociologist do you think is most relevant in contemporary times?
    10. Can you think of any prominent Indian sociologists?
    11. Why is the condition of women better in NE? Socioeconomic Reasons?
    12. What is the socio-political influence of media on society?
    13. Despite more per-capita expenditure in public schools as compared to private schools, why is the quality of education poor in public schools?
    14. What kind of social life do you have?
    15. What are your plans for marriage and a family?
    16. What is the status of (job title) in modern society?
    17. Do you think India is a socialist state?
    18. China also claims to be socialist. What’s the difference between them and us (on socialism)?
    19. What about Russia during cold war? What was is called then? Its present system.
    20. Define sovereign social secular republic democracy?
    21. How social media impacts people?
    22. Tell me influence of daily serials on family relations & social structure?
    23. Why is it that innovation is not as pervasive in Indian society as it is in the US?
    24. Do you think women should get reservation in Civil services?
    25. Tell me what are the major social issues in the country?
    26. Tell me the current situation of our society. Has it improved or not?
    27. India should have military rule instead of Democracy for 2 years to discipline society. Your opinion?
    28. How to solve the drug Problem of Punjab?
    29. Why female gender is discriminated against?
    30. Do you think it is justified to give women equal share in parental property?
    31. Conflict leads to cooperation (with respect to developing countries). How?
    32. We intended to create an economy driven by market, but we ended up creating a society driven by economy.” Explain it in Indian context.
    33. How are you going to counter illegal immigration? How do you plan to make sure that bonafide citizens are not harassed in such an operation?
    34. What is social engineering?
    35. What was India’s HDI ranking as per last HDI report?  What is HDI, Its components, why India’s ranking so low?
    36. What is virtual organization?
    37. Why is the situation of India’s higher education so grim?
    38. How should a leader lead, in your opinion?
    39. What can you tell me about India’s demography?
    40. Some govt schemes towards welfare of women and children? Do you think that these schemes have worked so far? What further steps do we need to take to ensure better success in this field?
    41. What is your opinion on one of the famous sociologists saying something about the relation between corruption and caste? (If you do not know the context of the last quest – it was Ashish Nandy and he said that OBC politicians are more corrupt. Though it might be a statistical fact, he faced a lot of flake due to this unpolitical statement.)
    42. Can you make a sociological analysis of “sabka saath sabka vikas”?
    43. What is the current status of caste based conflicts in India?
    44. Quote some social movements in India in the last one year.
    45. Your understanding of the terms: secularism, pseudo secularism, communalism , ghettoisation of religious and linguistic minorities.
    46. Fundamentalism in India’s neighbourhood. Why is India more or less shielded from fundamentalism?
    47. The sociological reason behind the change from coalition era to mandate politics.
    1. What is the % of women MPs?
    2. Why is the representation low? How can we increase representation?
    3. Why is the women reservation bill not being passed?
    4. Are working women really empowered or not?
    5. What is the reason behind spatial variation in incidence of violence against women?
    6. Do you think that international women’s day celebrations have got degraded to mere tokenism?
    7. Ok, so if u were the DM of a district and you had to organize women’s day celebration, how would you proceed?
    8. Give one social issue on which u will like to work as an IAS and why?
    9. Being a woman, what would you do to empower yourself?

Try to come up with your own original answers. Borrowed explanations and artificial answers would not help in impressing UPSC interview panelists. Acknowledge and respect their knowledge, acumen and experience.

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