Mohapatra Sir’s class for UPSC Sociology: First hand experience by Richa Tejasvi

I have been a student of Mohapatra Sir’s class for UPSC Sociology. Before joining the classroom program I, being new to Sociology, had several doubts about which coaching to join. I am writing my own experience about the class. I hope it would be helpful for those who are planning to join a coaching for UPSC Sociology. You are requested to use your discretion while taking final decision.

Regarding his classes

  • Sir has vast knowledge about Sociology and no doubt he is a very good teacher !
  • It took me a few days to get used to his accent. I eventually came to realize that his knowledge is superb.
  • I found his classes to be a bit difficult to understand for the initial 1 month as I was completely new to Sociology.
  • Gradually,things started improving and I could understand at least a few things that were taught in class.
  • Sir teaches in a very relaxed manner and explains the topics in good detail.
  • No doubt he has expertise in Paper-I but the way he teaches Paper-II,it is too good.
  • He will not take all the classes for Sociology and in between,other teachers will come to take classes for certain chapters.
  • No discrimination between old or new students at all. All were welcome to come and talk to him about their problems regarding Sociology

Is he approachable for doubt clearance?

  • Sir is very approachable and one can talk to him freely.
  • Getting to talk to him is tough though as students literally run after him before and after the class.
  • He is always ready to help his students and even if one attended his class years ago.

Does he dictate notes in class?

  • Sir doesn’t dictate much but he does make the students write about what he feels is important.
  • Sir, recommends reading IGNOU and Haralambos too

Answer writing practice

  • Sir used to tell how one should write answers and all but there was no structured programme for that.
  • As in nothing like he will give questions and we will submit answers which he will discuss in class.
  • Students used to write answers and give to Sir on their own.
  • He was very cooperative and used to check the answers for those who requested him to do so.

To sum up, there’s no harm in attending his classes, provided you are left with ample time to revise the subject too.

Society and Culture in India: A Reader 


If you have attended any coaching for UPSC Sociology, and want to share your experience for the interest of all, feel free to ping me at

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