Ring binder files and UPSC Sociology preparation [Freshers]

Syllabus of UPSC Sociology may be short compared to its counterparts, however, this subject is among the most dynamic optional subjects. You need to keep updating your notes based on current events. That’s where the need for Ring binder files arises.

Why not normal notebooks?

Suppose you read a topic in Haralambos (blue book). In the second reading you make short notes, so that you can revise it in future. A few months later you came across a newspaper article that is related to this very topic. The same month there is an important study in EPW magazine. Now, there is no place in your notebook to add these point. You may think of adding them at the end, however, it won’t serve the purpose.

If you have a file, you can jot down short notes in A4 sheets, and collate these sheets in a ring binder file. If you come across some related topic, you can note it in a separate A4 sheet, and pin it next to the related topic. Thus, you  have all related concepts, examples, current affairs etc. for one topic together at one place.

What is a ring binder file?

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Inside clips of the file.

How many files are required for UPSC Sociology?

One file each for Paper 1 and Paper 2. So, you need TWO files in all. One month before UPSC Mains exam, all you need is to go through these two files. Since, you have curated the content yourself, they have been etched in your mind. All you would need is to quickly glance through content of the file.

What else can I do?

For each topic of UPSC syllabus, you can make very short note in 2-3 A4 sheets. Put these sheets at the end of each topic in the file. At the end you have both – Micro notes and Macro notes, all in a single file.

When should I do this exercise?

Try to complete it before prelims if you want to reap maximum benefit out of this exercise. If not, complete this exercise within one month after UPSC Prelims.

How can I get these ring binder files?

You may get these at stationary shops. If not, order it online.

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A4 sheets

Paper punch to make holes in A4 sheets

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