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Exam preparation involves spending long hours in a room, all alone. This exercise has to continue for months, may be years. And, you are expected to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit throughout the  journey. That’s possible when your study room is clean, comfortable and is reverberating with positive energy. 

Below is a list of products for your study room!

Bluetooth speaker

For a soothing music when your are tired of continuous reading. You can use it wherever you are.

Wall Posters 

For a soothing and positive atmosphere in your study room.

Globe for visualisation

Helps in visualising whatever you are reading. Reduces need for multiple revision.

Bean Bags

When you are bored with studying on table-chair.

Digital Alarm Clock

With Date & Temperature Display. Helps you keep track of valuable time. Easy to measure your efficiency and further improve it.

Pin-up Board

You can pin your to-do lists, important concepts, formulas etc. Worth every penny invested on it.

Pocket Size Spiral

Sticky Note Pad

Unbreakable Bottles 

To keep you hydrated and charged up while you study.

Wall Mount Book Shelf

Keep your frequently-used books on this shelf.

File and Book Shelf

To keep your files, important books and notebooks.

Colorful Umbrella Hook

for Clothes,Keys etc.

To give your study room a raw look. Enables you to maximise the time you spend in study room.

LED Table Lamp

Switch off room light, and use this LED lamp for better focus and concentration.

Indoor Plant

You can keep this plant on your window. Good to have some element of nature in your study room!

Wireless All-in-One Printer

Most of the study material are available online. Take print out of important notes for revision purpose. Also, some candidates are more comfortable with reading in hardcopy.

Curtains – Colors of your choice

Personalise your study room by using curtains of your choice. After all, your go to spend hours at a stretch in this room to success.

Stainless Steel Dustbin

Motivational Books

It’s normal to feel low on motivation and energy. You can go through these books to charge you up.

Ear Plugs 

for Noise Reduction and to avoid distraction.

Index Flash Cards

UPSC Books

All books at one place, delivered straight to your room.

A4 – Blank sheet

Blank sheet for answer writing practice. Never practise on ruled papers. You can also make daily notes on these sheets and collect them in a file.

Ring Binder File

Collect your notes topicwise in a ring binder file. You can add new notes in future also.  This cannot be done in a normal notebook.

Bookmark – Colorful | Fluorscent

To navigate easily to the topic of your choice.

Thumb Hole Book Page Holder

Helps you read comfortably for long hours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

To read online for long hours. Read on the go; even while travelling. Save important notes online. Practise MCQs online.

Fastrack Smartwatch

Stationary products

Notebooks, Pens, Highlighters, Pins, Scale etc.

Ready to eat snacks

To take care of your hunger while your brain is hard at work.

Stress Reliever Smiley Ball

If you want to suggest some stuffs you think is important, do post as comment!

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