Make handwritten notes online | Smart Preparation

Gaurav Agarwal made online notes.

Anudeep Durishetty made online notes.

Images of their notes, below!

Click here to get the handwriting tool


Anudeep online notes


Gaurav Agarwal online notes


You might not have an idea about the amount of value-addition your competitors are doing. Online note making is one of the ways to actually stay in the race, now that UPSC preparation has gone online.

It is now time to take it a step further. How about making handwritten notes, online?


Online handwritten notes


Daily news paper

This is a screenshot from Microsoft Onenote (free) handwritten note.

Click here to get the handwriting tool


You can keep all your notes online, and without compromising on the physical act of writing. It is always easier to revise a HANDWRITTEN note. If you think

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