[Batch 2] Scale Sociology: Answer Writing + Formal Test Series | Hybrid | Personalized

Personalized | 3-Phase | 5 months  | Hybrid model | Flexible

What many innocent candidates normally end up doing:

  • Write their Prelims exam
  • Enroll in a Sociology Test Series
  • If they clear Prelims, they attempt a certain number of tests
  • If they are unable to clear Prelims, they rarely attempt the Sociology tests
  • They write the next prelims – and the same cycle repeats

How SCALE SOCIOLOGY is different:

  • The programme commences before Prelims – that ensures the gaps are filled well before you write Prelims. 
  • The programme begins with a one-one call. We will discuss your journey till now, so that we can customise the programme best suited to your unique needs.
  • It is flexible – because your situations are unique to you.
  • Hybrid model – It consists of both – daily answer writing programme and formal test series. Details are mentioned below.
  • Two phases – to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Programme duration: 5 months (More than enough to comprehensively cover UPSC Sociology)

For complete details of the programme: Click here

Programme start date: 12th Aug, 2021

Enrollment Details

Fee for Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Aug-Dec 2021) running across 5 months: 

Contact details

Website: www.reliableANDvalid.com

Email id: dna@reliableANDvalid.com

Telegram: @rna1095 (search for this username in your Telegram)

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