ARSENAL 2023-2024 | UPSC Sociology comprehensive course

83% of human learning occurs visually

Imagine preparing UPSC Sociology through visual aids like animations, cartoons, mind maps etc. All this in addition to comprehensive textual study materials and question bank to ensure a comprehensive package.

New Batch: 12th Aug, 2022

Please take a look at the following digital content before you proceed:

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STEP-UP SERIES is a part of Arsenal 2023-2024

83% of human learning occurs visually, and the remaining 17% through the other senses – 11% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste, and 1.5% through touch. That is true for your UPSC preparation as well.

We are launching a VISUALIZATION-driven comprehensive course for UPSC Sociology. It will cover both STATIC and CURRENT AFFAIRS portions of Sociology, and ANSWER WRITING.

Animation video explaining a concept of G. H. Mead. ARSENAL portal will contain topic wise compilation of such animations and videos. 


The book RURAL SOCIOLOGY (by S.L. Doshi and P.C. Jain) has highly relevant content for UPSC Sociology. Arsenal contains compilation of important texts of this book.


NON-Sociology NCERTs also contain immensely useful content for UPSC Sociology. ARSENAL portal will contain all such reading materials compiled topic wise.



You must have heard of all negative (dysfunctional) aspects of caste system. Have you heard of positive (functional) aspects of caste system? This book covers the positive aspects in detail. We will go through all such books and upload important sections on ARSENAL portal.4

What does the program include?

  • Flashcards (hardcopy) of Paper 2 thinkers, because Paper 2 is a difficult area for many candidates. So that you revise them multiple times. Sample of flashcard is attached below. (NEW feature)
  • Covers both static and current affairs | Special focus on BEGINNERS & WORKING PROFESSIONALS
  • SARAL magazine for UPSC Sociology Current Affairs (NEW feature) Click here for a sample
  • Theory section from govt. sources and other related books
  • Cartoons and animations for conceptual clarity
  • Intensive Guidance and Answer Writing Program (NEW feature): click here for details 
  • The Intensive Guidance and Answer Writing Program is completely FLEXIBLE, and includes evaluation of 38 answers (equivalent to 2 Full Length Tests). 
  • Hand drawn illustrations and video explanations of complex topics
  • CURRENT AFFAIRS – arranged according to syllabus topic – all UPSC questions are driven by current affairs
  • question bank for every topic (it will include previous year questions, MCQs and fresh questions)
  • 10 Answer Writing Sessions (so that you learn the art of articulating the Sociology concepts)
  • Compilation of value addition notes from important books like Doshi and Jain, C N Shankar Rao, Nadeem Hasnain etc. (NEW feature)
  • Dedicated Telegram group
  • Life time access – No expiry date
  • STEP-UP SERIES is a part of Arsenal 2023-2024

All articles would be arranged according to UPSC Sociology syllabus topics, as shown below.
You will receive a 2-minute set-up guide once you enroll.

If you get an idea of what this programme is all about, you can directly enroll via the link given below. If you need more information, please scroll down for further details.


Programme Fee & Important Dates:  

(Extra 10% discount for our students of any program. Coupon code: RV10)

In case of any query, please drop an email to OR ping me on Telegram click here

Short syllabus makes Sociology an easy optional for UPSC CSE. However, the scattered sources, especially for Paper 2, makes it a challenging optional subject. ARSENAL is a VISUALISATION-driven comprehensive portal for UPSC Sociology. It will consist of TOPIC WISE COMPILATION of: theories | animations | videos | mind maps | cartoons | CURRENT AFFAIRS and question bank (both previous year and fresh questions).

Why are we launching this programme –  ARSENAL?

The sources for UPSC Sociology are scattered. Many innocent candidates end up wasting their valuable time on collecting study materials. We will take care of material collection, compilation, analysis, explanation, visualisation, inter-linking with current affairs etc. so that you can focus on productive aspects of preparation.

Who can enroll in this programme –  ARSENAL?

The programme is designed for all categories of UPSC Sociology aspirants. If you are a BEGINNER, you must enroll because it is a comprehensive single point of reference for all study material with analysis and explanation. If you are a VETERAN, the value addition articles from non-Sociology sources, compilation of materials from govt. and non-govt. sources would be of immense help to you. If you are WORKING PROFESSIONAL, the programme would save you the time required on material collection, so that you can devote your non-office hours on productive aspects of preparation.

You can access the programme from wherever you are, till whenever you want. There is no expiry date.

In case of any query, please drop an email to OR ping me on Telegram click here

The above illustration depicts the contemporary relevance of Karl Marx.

upsc sociology thinkers

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