STEP-UP SERIES 2023: UPSC Sociology Current Affairs

Every question in UPSC Sociology 2021 was driven by current affairs. Click here for detailed analysis

Two important prerequisites for a good score in UPSC Sociology are:

1. Basic conceptual clarity of Sociological concepts
2. Ability to smartly apply these concepts to Current Events

To address these two vital prerequisites, we are coming up with STEP-UP SERIES 2023. It is a dedicated program for UPSC Sociology Current Affairs. The programme includes:

  • Sociology current affairs – 21 months – (from Jan, 2022 to Sep 2023)
  • GS Society current affairs (these ~75 marks are an edge for Sociology candidates)
  • Ethics current affairs and diagrams

To get a glimpse of hand drawn illustrations, please click on left and right arrows in the slideshow below.


STEP-UP SERIES 2023-2024 is bigger and better. Furthermore, the program caters to the special needs of BEGINNERS. The program includes:

  • SARAL – Sociology Current Affairs magazine. Click here for the first copy
  • Three video sessions on how to incorporate current affairs in UPSC Sociology answers. Imagine the difference 1-2 extra mark(s) in every question will create. Every year many candidates miss IAS cadre by single digit marks.
  • 21 months Sociology current affairs (from Jan 2022 to Sep 2023)
  • Dedicated section for GS 1 – Society section. GS 1 paper in UPSC Mains 2021 had around 75 Marks question from Society section. Sociology candidates have a strong edge in this section.
  • Ethics – current affairs and diagrams
  • Sociological analysis of news articles through hand drawn illustrations, at regular intervals, so that you master this art with gradual practice.  This is especially helpful for beginners. Click here for a sample illustration.
  • Micro topic listing for UPSC Sociology – so that your energy and effort is optimally distributed across the entire syllabus
  • EPW Articles compilation with related syllabus topics and highlighted sections.
  • Macro and Micro pattern analysis of UPSC Sociology questions
  • Sociological analysis of Budget and Economic Survey 2023 – extremely important for Mains.
  • Topic wise compilation of Government Schemes – very useful for Sociology Paper 2 especially. For example, PM Awas Yojana helps address the personal problem of LACK OF A HOUSE and the public issues of HOMELESSNESS [Sociological Imagination]
  • Important Sociological articles especially from THE HINDU and INDIAN EXPRESS.
  • Sociologically important articles from THE WIRE | LIVEMINT | DOWN TO EARTH etc.
  • Compilation of government reports e.g. annual report of Ministry of Women and Child Development | NITI Aayog reports etc.
  • Compilation of Sociological articles from YOJANA and KURUKSHETRA magazine. Given the increased focus on rural development, KURUKSHETRA magazine is important, especially for Paper 2.
  • Compilation of Sociological terms and diagrams to help you give a Sociological angle to GS-like questions especially in Paper 2. (e.g. UPSC Sociology 2020 question: Point out the main causes of child labour’ in India. How far the State policies have succeeded in its elimination?)

Sociological dimensions of NEPOTISM. It was in the news because of allegations of nepotism in Bollywood.

Details of STEP-UP SERIES 2023

  • Duration of STEP-UP SERIES: We will update all current affairs from Jan 2022 to Sep 2023 (~21 months). You can access the articles till your selection.
  • Useful for both 2023 and 2024 appearing candidates. Click here to know how current affairs for Sociology is different from that of GS.
  • Special sections for BEGINNERS to help them transition from basic theoretical knowledge to interlinking this knowledge with Current Affairs would be a priority.
  • We will be there to address all queries on priority basis and offer comprehensive support till your selection.
  • News articles would be uploaded at regular intervals after removing the repetitions. Other sections would be updated on a real time basis as and when they are ready.
  • There is a dedicated portal for all updates – so that you can access all content in a consolidated manner. You will receive a 2-minute set up guide upon enrollment. You will receive an email every time we add new content on the portal.
  • Irrespective of when you join this program, you will get access to all content from Jan 2022.

Fee and Enrollment

For our students of any programme: Rs. 1400 for the entire 21 months. Click here to enroll [Same fee as last year for limited time]

For new candidates: Rs. 1700 for the entire 21 months. Click here to enroll [ [Same fee as last year for limited time]

In case of any query, drop us an email at
Ping us on Telegram at @rna1095 |

That’s not all…

Take a look at these previous year GS Mains and Essay questions and their relation to Sociology. The current affairs covered under STEP-UP SERIES would be extremely helpful in giving an innovative dimension to such questions.

“The Indian party system is passing through a phase of transition which looks to be full of contradictions and paradoxes.” Discuss. [GS2]

It can be linked to these topics of UPSC Sociology:

Politics and Society

  • Political parties, pressure groups, social and political elite  
  • Regionalism and decentralization of power  
  • Democracy 

“Digital Economy: A leveller or a source of economic inequality” [Essay]

Related UPSC Sociology syllabus topics: Karl Marx  | Stratification and Mobility | Work and Economic Life | Social Change in Modern Society |  Industrialization and Urbanisation in India | Challenges of Social Transformation 

Click here to know more about why current affairs is important for Sociology

Fee and Enrollment

For our students of any programme: Rs. 1400 for the entire 21 months duration Click here to enroll [Same fee as last year for limited time]

For new candidates: Rs. 1700 for the entire 21 months duration Click here to enroll [ [Same fee as last year for limited time]

In case of any query, drop us an email at
Ping us on Telegram at @rna1095 |

Knowledge is like paint.

It does no good until it is applied. 

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