[Batch 2] Elevator 2022: UPSC Sociology 2022 Test Series | Value Addition Classes | Personalized

The programme includes:
9 Sociology Tests (5 Sectional + 4 Full Length)
Complementary (1 GS Society Test + 1 Essay Test)

Start date: 26th June, 2022

It caters to 825 Marks out of total 1750 Marks of UPSC Mains

For candidates interested in direct enrollment:
>> Schedule of the program: click here
>> Video of program details: click here
>> To enroll: click here

Elevator 2022
Test Series (& value addition classes) 
for UPSC Sociology 

The candidate was a part of our 2021 Sociology Test Series and Sociology Answer Writing program.

To view the answer copy of the candidate who scored 304 marks in Sociology, click here

Irrespective of the nature of UPSC questions, it is possible to secure an outstanding score in Sociology paper. Links of sample content are given at the end of this article.

How Elevator 2022 is personalised? Link given at the end of this article

Features of the programme

  • Sociology Test Series + Value Addition Classes: Start date: 26th June, 2022
    • 10 value addition classes (smart linkage of current affairs + presentation aspects + paper 2 approach for GS-like questions + technology of PYQs etc.)
    • Includes hardcopy of flashcards for Paper 2 thinkers. The hardcopy will be delivered to you.
  • Direct enrollment: click here
  • Completely FLEXIBLE – you can attempt the tests any time till your Mains paper.
  • Two rounds of review [New Feature]
    • 1st round: Detailed review of answer copy (Sample evaluated copy is attached below)
    • 2nd round (Audio feedback): click here for a sample
  • All answers would be evaluated within 7 days of submission | Sample evaluated copies attached below
  • Detailed Model Answers of every test. Click here for Sample
  • We will share the EVALUATED good copies, good – INTRODUCTIONS, PRESENTATION, CONCLUSION etc. [Why? Because you don’t have enough time to commit mistakes all by yourself and then learn from them. So, learning from your peers is indispensable.]
  • Two one-one discussions with candidates. The personalised discussions would begin after the third test. We would also make impromptu calls as and when required.
  • Compilation of the following: topic-wise thinkers for Paper 2 | Diagrams | Sociological terms | Anchor texts | Top 100 Sociology current affairs [New Feature] It would be shared at the time of admission.
  • EPW articles – arranged topic wise [New Feature]
  • Sociology Current Affairs Magazine: June 2022-Aug 2022 [New Feature]
  • Access to ELEVATOR HOME – a centralised repository of value addition materials – standard introductions and conclusions, punch lines, facts, data, diagrams etc. that make your answers stand apart from the crowd, because this exam is a process of rejection, not selection.
  • Complementary tests on GS Society and Essay – so that you master the art of applying your Sociology language in these sections.


Click here for Schedule of Batch 2 (starting on 26th June)


Sociology Test Series (9 Sociology + 1 GS Society + 1 Essay) + Value Addition Classes
[Fee: Rs. 9900] Click here to enroll

(Extra 10% discount for our students of any program. Coupon code: RV10)

Email id: musmuna95@gmail.com

Telegram: https://t.me/rna1095

Samples for reference

Our Sociology Toppers

[Rank 83, Meghana Kavali ]
Click here for Topper’s answer copy (274 Marks in UPSC Sociology 2020)

[Rank 157, Catherine Saranya ]
Click here for Topper’s answer copy (272 Marks in UPSC Sociology 2020)

Click here for sample questions

[PDF] Click here to download schedule of Elevator 2022

How Elevator 2022 is personalised? Watch this video

Click here to enroll in Elevator 2022

Contact details

Website: www.reliableANDvalid.com

Email id: musmuna95@gmail.com

Telegram: https://t.me/rna1095 OR search for @rna1095 in your Telegram)

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but without practice, there is no glory.

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