[2022 Mains] Top 100 Sociology Current Affairs

Time to be devoted on this compilation: details given below

1. If more than 1 month left for Mains: 3-4 hours
2. If less than 1 month left for Mains: 1-2 hour(s)

Reading the entire news article is not important at this stage.

The compilation contains the following:

▪️Current affairs for Sociology
▪️Related static theory
▪️PYQ related to the syllabus topic
▪️Add-on content

  • You can read the heading, sub-heading and the synopsis of the article.
  • A few pages might have blank spaces, please ignore them and move to the next page.
  • Please specify a time limit and cover the entire document within this time limit.
  • Please note: static portion is supreme. You can incorporate current affairs to add value only if your static section is secured.

Part 1 of Top 100 Sociology Current Affairs: click here to download

Part 2 would be updated on our channel: click here

Click here for details of the program

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