2023: 4 Phase Sociology Test Series

235 days | 4 Phases | 3 Iterations

Every candidate may NOT need formal classroom coaching.
But, every candidate DOES need mentorship.

The PRODUCTIVITY-TIME GRAPH shown below shows how the daily productivity fluctuates for many candidates. Since UPSC preparation is a lengthy process, this graph becomes all the way more important.

Productivity-Time graph of many UPSC aspirants

As shown in the graph above, the efficiency and productivity of many candidates declines significantly after the first few weeks of preparation. That’s where guidance, mentoring and regular feedback becomes important. They help maintain your productivity over a longer duration of time.

The clock for 2023 exam has already started ticking. Even if you start your Sociology preparation from scratch, you can complete your Sociology syllabus in this time frame. Having said that, every single day right from today ought to be smartly utilized.

Keeping this in mind, we are starting YEAR LONG Sociology Program!

Details of the programme


💧 Start date: 19th Jan 2023
💧 Includes Sociology Tests + GS Society Test + Essay Tests [covers 825 marks of UPSC Mains) 
💧 Model answers for all tests | Flowchart of approach for tricky questions | Sample flowchart is attached below
💧 10 Video lectures that are a smart mix of static, current affairs and diagrams of Sociology | Sample
💧 Schedule of the program: CLICK HERE
💧 Detailed evaluation with exhaustive feedback. That is adequate to sharpen your answer writing skills. | Sample evaluated answer is attached below
💧 One-One calls every month to discuss the progress [New Feature]
💧 Topic wise links to study material
💧 Hard copy of flashcards for Paper 1 and Paper 2 thinkers [New Feature]
💧 SARAL (Sociology Current Affairs magazine from Jan to Aug 2023) [New Feature]
💧 Good Answers, Intro, Conclusion of every test would be clearly marked so that you learn from your peers. Your time is precious – you cannot afford to commit all mistakes yourself and then learn from them. A smart strategy includes learning from the mistakes and best practices of peers.
💧 First test topic: Basics of Sociology [to secure your foundations] 
💧 Complete flexibility – you can submit answers anytime in the course duration.
💧 Live recording of evaluation process at regular intervals. Click here for a sample
💧 [First Time] Evaluation of 20 GS answers (you can select the questions from any source) [New Feature]

To view the answer copy of the candidate who scored 304 marks in Sociology, click here

Irrespective of the nature of UPSC questions, it is possible to secure an outstanding score in Sociology paper. Links of sample content are given at the end of this article.

Fee and Enrollment
(2 options)

Option 1 (100% evaluation): Total Fee: Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3 + Phase 4 + SARAL + Hardcopy of flashcards = 17,800 Rs. 9900
Extra 10% discount for our candidates of any program! Coupon code: RV10

Option 2 (50% evaluation): Phase 1 only (Jan-Feb 2023): Fee: Rs. 1900
Extra 10% discount for our candidates of any program! Coupon code: RV10
(What does 50% evaluation mean? Suppose a test has 6 questions. We will evaluate 3 answers. You can select any 3 answers to be evaluated. You can upgrade to 100% evaluation from 27th Jan)

Enroll here

Extra 10% discount for our candidates of any program!

Samples for reference

Sample Evaluated Copy

Page 1
Page 2

Sample Flowchart of Approach

Our Sociology Toppers

[Rank 83, Meghana Kavali ]
Click here for Topper’s answer copy

[Rank 157, Catherine Saranya ]
Click here for Topper’s answer copy

Enroll here

Extra 10% discount for our candidates of any program!
Please message us on Telegram: @rna1095


Telegram: @rna1095

Email: dna@reliableANDvalid.com

Website: www.reliableANDvalid.com 

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
– Louis L’Amour

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