Topic wise government schemes for Paper 2 | UPSC Sociology

For that extra mark in every answer

How to use this document

Especially for freshers
  • This document contains a collection of govt. schemes. The schemes are grouped according to the UPSC syllabus topics.
  • If you have doubt regarding any of the govt. schemes, download it by clicking here.
  • Make a first reading of the schemes given below.
  • In second reading, keep previous year questions by your side.
  • Go through previous year questions. Relate which govt. scheme can be used in a particular question.
  • Repeat the same exercise while you attempt test series.
  • Regular practice would help you score that extra mark in every question.
  • The practise would also help in UPSC Prelims and UPSC GS Mains.

For example: The question below was asked in UPSC 2015

How serious is the problem of trafficking against women and children in India?

Schemes like Operation Muskaan can be cited as corrective measure to address trafficking.

Click here to download the document

Oxford Sociology Dictionary –

for conceptual clarity of syllabus topics

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