UPSC topper Anudeep Durishetty | Essay copy – 1 | What we can learn!

Click here to download ESSAY COPY of UPSC topper ANUDEEP DURISHETTY

ANUDEEP DURISHETTY has secured first rank in UPSC Civil Services Examinations – 2017. This post dives deep into one of his ESSAY COPIES. Video link covering detailed analysis of the essay is given below.

Some takeaways from the essay

  • Stick to the theme of the essay
  • Keep relating your content to this theme, at regular intervals
  • Your understanding of the demand of essay should be crystal clear
  • Every section of the essay should be related to its predecessor and successor – backward and forward linkage
  • Keep language simple and lucid
  • Open dimensions –  as diverse as you can
  • Quote examples to support your argument

This essay, by UPSC topper ANUDEEP DURISHETTY,  begins with an example – Issue of high dropout rates in Tamil Nadu schools. It mentions how introduction of MDM addressed the problem. Bringing about this change required LEARNING of innovative ideas to bring a CHANGE.


Contemporary Essays for UPSC [by Ramesh Singh]

The next paragraph acts like an INDEX to the essay. It mentions the broad areas covered in the ESSAY.

The broad areas are:

  • Explanation of the topic of essay in simple language
  • Establishing relationship between the two keywords – LEARNING & CHANGE
  • Issues and challenges in LEARNING & CHANGE
  • Way forward

ANUDEEP DURISHETTY quotes several examples and opens multiple dimensions in this essay.


Examples quoted:

  • CHANGES brought about by Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi
  • CHANGES from GDP to HDI as an indicator of prosperity
  • French Revolution and related CHANGES
  • CHANGE in status of women etc.

Barriers to LEARNING and CHANGE:

Attitudinal, Resistance by those in power, Poverty and Ignorance, Attitudinal resistance etc.

This essay, by UPSC topper ANUDEEP DURISHETTY,  concludes by recommending ways to inculcate a culture of learning. The last paragraph ends on an optimistic note.

Video link of detailed analysis:

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