Scale Sociology: Answer Writing + Formal Test Series | Hybrid | Personalized

Personalized | 3-Phase | 7 months  | Hybrid model | Flexible

The candidate has cleared Mains 2021
with Sociology optional.

The above snippet highlights the fact that Personalised Attention is the differentiating factor in the current UPSC pattern. The sooner you realise it, the shorter is your preparation phase!

What many innocent candidates normally end up doing:

  • Write their Prelims exam
  • Enroll in a Sociology Test Series
  • If they clear Prelims, they attempt a certain number of tests
  • If they are unable to clear Prelims, they rarely attempt the Sociology tests
  • They write the next prelims – and the same cycle repeats

How SCALE SOCIOLOGY is different:

  • The programme commences before Prelims – that ensures the gaps are filled well before you write Prelims. Start date: 22nd March, 2022
  • The programme begins with a one-one call. We will discuss your journey till now, so that we can customise the programme best suited to your unique needs.
  • It is flexible – because your situations are unique to you.
  • Hybrid model – It consists of both – daily answer writing programme and formal test series. Details are mentioned below.
  • Three phases – to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Programme duration: 7 months (More than enough to comprehensively cover UPSC Sociology)

Programme Details

Phase 1 (March – April):

  • One-one call to discuss your Sociology strategy so far. For experienced candidates, we would request you to share your previous answer copies. If you are a beginner, we will discuss your academic background, your comfort level with Sociology etc. The calls last for around 1 hour.
  • Flashcards (hardcopy) of Paper 2 thinkers, because Paper 2 is a difficult area for many candidates. So that you revise them multiple times. Sample of flashcard is attached below.
  • Value addition notes for Paper 2 from sources like Doshi and Jain, Nadeem Hasnain, C N Shankar Rao etc. This will ensure that gaps in content are plugged well before Prelims.
  • We will analyse the following: [Personalised]
    • answers you have written in the past
    • the sources you are following
    • the pattern of note-making
  • We will share access to the following:
    • our previous answer writing programmes. You can go through the questions, flowcharts of approach, good answers, good introductions-conclusions-presentation etc.
    • all value addition content for Sociology Mains Test Series (e.g. topic wise EPW articles) so you update your content well before Prelims
  • You can attempt ANY 38 questions (= 2 full length tests) till April end. During our one-one call, we will discuss and decide what syllabus topics you should cover in this phase. [Personalised]
  • We will do a live recorded evaluation of the first answer of every candidate. That will give you an insight into the evaluation process. Click here for a sample review.
Flashcards for repeated revision

Phase 2 (April – Prelims):

  • While you prepare for Prelims, we will be working on your Sociology preparation.
  • We will create an online PERSONALISED PROFILE for you. The profile would be created based on:
    • one-one call that we will have in the very beginning of the programme
    • the 38 questions that you attempt in the month of March-April 2022
    • the previous answer copies that you share with us. We will do a micro analysis of your answers and come up with SWOT analysis.

Phase 3 (After Prelims):

  • It is now time to replicate exam-like conditions.
  • Keeping that in mind, we will start formal test series in the second week of June, 2022. The test series will consist of 9 Sociology tests + 1 GS Society test + 1 Essay test. Click here for details of the last test series [2021].
  • The tests would have complete flexibility. Detailed time table of the test series would be released in first week of June, 2022.
  • We will have regular one-to-one calls in Phase 3.
  • The test series would ensure time bound evaluation, detailed review of answers, sharing of good answer copies, good introductions-conclusions-presentation etc. so that you learn from peers. You don’t have enough attempts to commit all mistakes yourself and then learn from them.

Programme start date: 22nd March, 2022

Enrollment Details

Fee for all 3 phases running across 7 months: 

  • New candidates: Rs. 9900 (including the fee for Sociology Test Series of 11 tests) | Click here to enroll 
  • Our student of any programme: Rs. 8900 (including the fee for Sociology Test Series of 11 tests) | Click here to enroll

Sample Reviewed Copies

Meghana Kavali (Rank 83 – UPSC 2020) was a part of our Sociology Answer Writing Program: Click here for her answer copy She has secured 274 Marks in Sociology (138+136). (The average score of Sociology toppers in 2020 is 251)

Catherine Saranya (Rank 157- UPSC 2020) was a part of our Sociology Answer Writing Program. Click here for her answer copy She has secured 272 Marks in Sociology (127+145). (The average score of Sociology toppers in 2020 is 251)

Flowchart of approach (Sample): Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Prelims exam is approaching. Should I join this program?
The program is personalised. Suppose you plan to study for 10 hours a day. You can always allocate 1-2 hour(s) to Sociology. This 1-2 hour(s) can be scheduled between two sittings of Prelims preparation. This change will in fact boost your efficiency in the second half of the days. How to smartly utilise this 1-2 hour(s) will be discussed in detail in our one-one call.

I have already written Mains with Sociology optional. How will this program help me?
We will go through the Sociology answers you have written in the past. The video analysis would give you deep insights on how to score extra marks in every answer. We will also discuss the sources you are referring and the pattern of your note making. The value addition content, Flashcards, personalised answer writing in Phase 1, the personalised profile in Phase 2 are aimed at further fine tuning your Sociology preparation.
Additionally, we will minutely observe whether your answers have that rawness, originality and simplicity of language that UPSC expects. Whether your answers have too much of Sociological jargons? On the whole, every candidate has a unique set of improvement areas. That’s the driving factor of this program!

Click here to enroll

Contact details

Email id:

Telegram: @rna1095

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