UPSC Sociology Current Affairs: STEP-UP Series 2020-2021

Two important prerequisites for a good score in UPSC Sociology are:
1. Basic conceptual clarity of Sociological concepts
2. Ability to smartly apply these concepts to Current Events

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Scroll down for analysis of the role of Current Affairs in UPSC Mains, 2019

About STEP-UP SERIES 2020-2021

STEP-UP SERIES 2020-2021 is bigger and better than the 2019 series.

It will include a series of articles covering:

  • Sociological analysis of news articles through illustrations, at regular intervals, so that you master this art with gradual practice.  We would increase the number of illustrations as compared to 2019 STEP-UP SERIES. This is especially helpful for beginners. Click here for a sample illustration
  • Dedicated section for GS 1 – Society section. GS 1 paper in UPSC Mains 2019 had around 75 Marks question from Society section. This is one of the most ignored but equally important sections in UPSC preparation. [New addition in 2020-2021 series]
  • EPW Articles compilation with related syllabus topics and highlighted sections.
  • Sociological analysis of Budget and Economic Survey 2020 – extremely important for Mains (GS, Essay and Sociology)
  • Topic wise compilation of Government Schemes – very useful for Sociology Paper 2 especially.
  • Compilation of government reports e.g. annual report of Ministry of Women and Child Development | NITI Aayog reports etc. [New addition in 2020-2021 series]
  • Important Sociological articles especially from THE HINDU and INDIAN EXPRESS.
  • Compilation of Sociological articles from YOJANA and KURUKSHETRA magazine. Given the increased focus on rural development, KURUKSHETRA [New addition in 2020-2021 series] magazine is important, especially for Paper 2.
  • Compilation of Sociological terms and diagrams to help you give a Sociological angle to GS-like questions especially in Paper 2. (e.g. UPSC 2019 question: Highlight the main features of the ‘Inter-linking of Rivers’ project in India. What could be its probable advantages to Indian agriculture?)

Click here to view a sample article

Click here to view another sample article

Programme and enrollment details:

  • Duration of STEP-UP SERIES: ~10 Months (10th Nov, 2019 – UPSC Mains, 2020). You can access the articles till your selection.
  • Useful for both 2020 and 2021 appearing candidates. Click here to know how current affairs for Sociology is different from that of GS.
  • Special needs of BEGINNERS to help them transition from basic theoretical knowledge to interlinking this knowledge with Current Affairs would be a priority.

    Programme Fee:

    Rs. 1400 for entire 10 months. (New candidates will get access to 2019 STEP-UP SERIES)

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Free access to EPW paid subscription from Dec, 2019 to Dec, 2020.

Role of Current Affairs in UPSC Sociology, 2019

Those who score WOW MARKS in Sociology, smartly embed in their answers -contemporary events, govt. schemes, economic survey findings etc. This art requires consistent practice to master. Having a grasp over Sociology concepts in necessary but not sufficient in the current trend.

Let us take a look at few UPSC Sociology, 2019 questions to check whether the above points are true.

1 (c). Examine the changing initiatives of the land tenure system in India. 10 Marks, 150 Words

This question is influenced by Prime Minister’s recent announcement to make India a 5-trillion dollar economy. This article highlights how investment is key to achieve this target, and how land reform is one of the three key engines of investment.

LAND REFORMS is a sub-topic under the topic RURAL AND AGRARIAN SOCIAL STRUCTURE in UPSC Sociology Paper 2. Thus, this question requires you to link this syllabus topic to a contemporary event.

4 (b). How do you understand the ‘minority’ question? Examine the violence and discrimination against the religious minorities in India. 20 Marks, 250 Words

If you are reading news articles from a Sociological perspective, the moment you come across news reports of mob lynching, child theft, religious nationalism etc. you would be able to relate it to the corresponding syllabus topic: PROBLEMS OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES

That is where STEP-UP SERIES is helpful. We will share Sociological illustrations of news articles (click here for a sample illustration) so that you gradually master this art.

Click here for analysis of all UPSC Sociology, 2019 paper 2 questions

STEP-UP SERIES would also help you in Society section of GS 1

UPSC Mains 2019 question: “Empowering women is the key to control population growth”. Discuss

Content of UPSC Sociology syllabus topics: POPULATION DYNAMICS | PATRIARCHY | VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and CURRENT AFFAIRS for value addition can be used to stitch a coherent answer for this question. Do not use Sociological jargon in GS and Essay.

It does not end here…

Every ESSAY has a social dimension. Consider this Essay asked in UPSC Mains, 2019: Best for an individual is not necessarily best for the society.

Functionalist school of thought bears close resemblance to this essay topic. You can quote the importance of social solidarity, collective conscience etc. without using any Sociological jargon. Similarly, you can quote current events in Ethics case studies and other GS papers in a smart manner.

Note: It will backfire if you use technical terms and Sociological jargon in GS and Essay Papers.

Other details about Sociology Current Affairs STEP-UP SERIES 2020-2021

  • In terms of backward coverage we would be covering Sociological analysis of  NITI Aayog THREE YEAR ACTION AGENDA also, which was released in 2017. So, we do not have any such restriction.
  • Extremely useful for both freshers and experienced aspirants.
  • It will consist of a series of articles in a lucid, easy-to-understand Sociological language.
  • Hand drawn diagrams to enable you to realistically use them in exams.

How will the programme work?

  • We would be leveraging cloud-based services so that you are instantly updated about new articles.
  • You will be required to make an account on ONENOTE (we will email you the 2-minute guide) once you enroll.
  • An email will be sent to you every week to keep you updated on the new articles added. We will also post the update on our Telegram  channel: [@SociologyAndSocialIssues]

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Our initiatives to help you master the art of smartly using Current Affairs in your answers?

  • Click here to learn about how to smartly incorporate current affairs in your answers. This article illustrates the art through actual questions asked in UPSC Mains.
  • Click here for analysis of all UPSC Sociology, 2019 paper 2 questions
  • Current Affairs compilation for UPSC Sociology 2018: Click here
  • Topic wise government schemes for UPSC Sociology 2018: Click here
  • Snippets from Interim Budget 2019 useful for UPSC Sociology: Click here
  • Sociological article of the day (compilation): Click here

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