Current Affairs Step-Up Series for UPSC Sociology [2019]

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Did you know almost all questions in UPSC Sociology 2018 (Paper 2) were influenced by Current Affairs? Click here for detailed analysis.

Edit: 15th Sep, 2019 [For candidates appearing in 2020 and beyond]

In this series, we have covered current affairs till 2019 that are important for Sociology.

Current affairs for Sociology is different

from that of GS

Let us take few examples:

SON META PREFERENCE covered in this article of current affairs STEP UP series found mention in Economic Survey 2017-18. It will continue to be relevant in years to come. Case studies, examples of Sociology continue to be relevant for a long duration.

There was an article in EPW that related DISPLACEMENT RELATED TO DEVELOPMENT(syllabus topic) to MARRIAGE(another syllabus topic). The article elaborated upon how families lose their KINSHIP ties after they are rehabilitated at new place. Due to this such families face difficulty in marrying off their daughters because old social network is broken after displacement. Do you think this example will expire in 2020 and beyond? This example related multiple topics of UPSC Sociology syllabus – DEVELOPMENT AND DISPLACEMENT, MARRIAGE, KINSHIP. Quoting this example will always reflect your grasp over inter-linking topics irrespective of when you are appearing.

The art of applying sociological theory to current events takes time to master. You can safely enroll for the 2019 programme!

It does not end here!

  • Economic Survey 2015-16 (Volume 1) had a chapter named STRUCTURAL CHANGES IN INDIA’S LABOUR MARKET. This chapter is related to UPSC Sociology syllabus topic: WORK AND ECONOMIC LIFE.
  • YOJANA magazine of October, 2018 was dedicated to WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. You already know the importance of this topic for both papers of Sociology.
  • Triple Talaq is a hot topic of late. It is related to Sociology syllabus topics like RELIGION, PATRIARCHY, SECULARISATION, SOCIAL CHANGE, VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN etc. This article in INDIAN EXPRESS covers the issue in detail. This article in THE HINDU looks at triple talaq from a different perspective, thus giving you a 360-degree perspective.

To cover all this in detail…

Back 2

…We are launching a 2-month


It will include a series of articles covering:

  • Sociological analysis of Budget and Economic Survey to be released in July 2019.
  • Topic wise compilation of Government Schemes – very useful for Sociology Paper 2 especially.
  • Important Sociological articles especially from THE HINDU and INDIAN EXPRESS.
  • Compilation of Sociological articles from YOJANA
  • Compilation of Sociological terms to help you give a Sociological angle to GS-like questions especially in Paper 2.

Click here to view a sample article

Allow us to recover our input cost through a contribution of Rs. 365. The programme is free for those who have supported us through their generous donations till 21st June, 2019. (Such friends can drop us an email at

We are trying to provide free access to EPW paid subscription to the first few candidates. 

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Details about Sociology Current Affairs STEP-UP SERIES

  • We would cover even 2017-18 Economic Survey. So, the current affairs will not be restricted to these two months alone.
  • We won’t bombard you with tonnes of reading materials at one go. We will keep updating the series on a regular basis. This will give you ample time to assimilate and inter-link current affairs with core Sociological concepts.
  • Extremely useful for both freshers and experienced aspirants
  • Step-Up series for current affairs begins in first week of July, 2019
  • Special needs of BEGINNERS to help them transition from basic theoretical knowledge to interlinking this knowledge with Current Affairs would be a priority.
  • It will consist of a series of articles in a lucid, easy-to-understand Sociological language.
  • Hand drawn diagrams to enable you to realistically use them in exams.

How will the programme work?

  • We would be leveraging cloud-based services so that you are instantly updated about new articles.
  • You will be required to make an account on ONENOTE (we will email you the 2-minute guide) once you enroll.
  • An email will be sent to you every time we update a new article. We will also post the update on our Telegram channel:

Have a query? Drop us an email at

OR ping us on Telegram at

Back 1

Why Current Affairs for UPSC Sociology?

  • Those who score WOW MARKS in Sociology, smartly embed in their answers -contemporary events, govt. schemes, economic survey findings etc.
  • This question was asked in 2018:
    Explain Durkheim’s basic arguments on suicide. Can you analyse high suicide rates of contemporary Indian society with Durkheim’s theory?”
    This questions requires you to think of Durkheim’s work on suicide when you read the news of suicide by students in Kota. This question requires you to think of Durkheim’s work on suicide when you read about farmers’ suicide in Vidarbha (Maharashtra). This questions requires you to think of Durkheim’s work on suicide when you read about Jain monks starving themselves to death (Sallekhana).

  • Let’s take another question asked in 2018:
    Discuss the challenges thrown by religious revivalism to a secular nation-state.
    I hope you can link this question to contemporary developments in the country. There have been talks of Hindu nationalism, lynching in the name of religion, threat to secular fabric of India, allowing women to enter sanctum-sanctorum of temples etc. The point is, you ought to be politically apolitical. That is, you cannot completely cut yourself off from political developments. At the same time you have to restrict yourself to non-political analysis of political stuffs.

Our initiatives to help you master the art of smartly using Current Affairs in your answers?

  • Click here to learn about how to smartly incorporate current affairs in your answers. This article illustrates the art through actual questions asked in UPSC Mains.
  • Current Affairs compilation for UPSC Sociology 2018: Click here
  • Topic wise government schemes for UPSC Sociology 2018: Click here
  • Snippets from Interim Budget 2019 useful for UPSC Sociology: Click here
  • Sociological article of the day (compilation): Click here

Click here to enroll

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Our telegram channel:

For any query, drop us an email at

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  1. mam/sir; i’m always appreciating ur efforts which u r put in for the students who r preparing by self. I totally rely to ur website for my preparation nd for further guidance.

    so,it is my humble request to you to keep updating current affairs with analysis becoz now pattern of asking totally different,today i came to know about it after going through this 2018 ques.paper analysis.It will be very helpful for us to become updated with current issues in sociological terms. Kindly concern this request.

    thank you

    On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 4:00 PM Sociology for UPSC wrote:

    > Musmuna posted: “Did you know almost all questions in UPSC Sociology 2018 > (Paper 2) were influenced by Current Affairs? Click here for detailed > analysis. It does not end here! Economic Survey 2015-16 (Volume 1) had a > chapter named STRUCTURAL CHANGES IN INDIA’S LABOUR M” >


  2. Thank you team for giving us readers a brief description on the introduction of the Step-up series of Current affairs for UPSC Sociology. I am amazed at all the provisions available as part of being enrolled for this series. Giving us a complete reasoning on why and how this programme will work for candidates appearing for UPSC exams is exemplary.


  3. Sir / maam . Iam enrolling for 2020 upsc exam and have enrolled your current affairs. Whether the current affairs from may 2019 will be covered even i enrolled now? .


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