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9th May, 2019

Syllabus topic: Problems of minorities, religion, women

Link to the article:


6th May, 2019

Syllabus topic: Capitalism, Social justice

Link to the article:

Capitalism - 6 May

3rd May, 2019

Syllabus topic: Women and related issues; women farmers

Link to the article:

Women - 3rd May



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2nd May, 2019

Syllabus topic: Globalisation and farmers

Link to the article:


30th April, 2019

Syllabus topic: Poverty
Facts and Data given in this article are also important for Sociology-Paper 2 and GS- Society.

Ignore the political parts in this article.




Link to the article:



29th April, 2019

Syllabus topic: Gender, Patriarchy, Religion, Power

29 april 2019 - Women

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